When Europeans for made their way upriver in the mid 1800s, they described a narrow and deep channel with clear waters.  Even in the deepest parts, the rocky bottom more than 30 metres below was visible and fish were abundant.
Today the rivers are mostly brown, with many metres of mud and silt covering the rocky bottom.  Riverbanks are collapsing, held together in many places by invasive foreign weeds and trees.  The lower reaches are infested with carp, causing further damage to banks and muddying the water.
Richmond Rivers Rescue recognises change can only happen with community support and involvement.
From the anti logging protests of the 1970s through to the more recent fight to block coal seam gas, the people of the Northern Rivers have shown their willingness to protect and save the environment by joining together and fighting.
We can’t leave it to politicians and government agencies that come and go.

Join with us to help save our rivers!

Aims of the Richmond Rivers Rescue Action Group

  • Raise community awareness about the plight of our rivers and educate people on how they can make a difference
  • Demonstrate to Governments there is a groundswell of community support for incentives to help clean and restore our rivers
  • Lobby the State and Federal Governments for more funding to supporting existing local groups including Landcare and councils to do more
  • Put together a comprehensive plan to improve the health of the river drawing on existing studies, with set goals and timeframes
  • Share information on best practices to restore the riverine environment

These are just a few of our initial ideas and we welcome your support and input.